The Forest of Doom Customer Reviews:


A blast from the past!

If you're reading this then chances are you know a bit about FF books and this adaptation won't disappoint. The gameplay retains all of the thrill the books had and more. It's great to see these books getting a new lease of life on this format and can't wait for some of my other favorites to appear! To Stongebridge!

Excellent adventure fun!!

Love the tinman series of these title,forest of the doom is my favourite.

The best of the digital FF books.

Someone else already stated that this was the best of the old books & now I can confirm that this is the best of the digital ones; a more oldschool D&D feel, more involvement, simple but better storyline, more fun. If I was to recommend one digital gamebook, it would --without a doubt-- be this one. Well worth the money.

The forest of doom

A great app I hope they do a deal to get the old books re-released.


Fighting Fantasy wins again with this entertaining app

The anomalous FF book!

Quite simply THEE perfect FF Book! If you've never read one back in the day, this app version is perfect for those new to the FF universe. It Was book 3 originally, but it captures everything that is at the heart of Fighting Fantasy for me. The Hero, the Wizard and the Quest! Darkwood forest is a perfect location for the traditional 'epic quest' and as all TMG FF book apps, its identical as if you're reading the original book (it even has a retro mode for the ultimate immersion!) To Stonebrigde!!!

Great nostalgia. Better than the real thing!

I spent hours reading these books as a youngster, and thoroughly enjoyed reliving them through these apps. I will be buying them all! Hope to see City of Thieves coming out - that was always my favourite!

awesome adaptation of a beloved book! i will buy EVERY one you make! make 'em all!

A good start

I am looking forward to the other promised titles, if they keep up the high standard set here then it will be very good :) Also, really enjoyed the modern v old school settings.

Great game. Much better than sorcery.

My only gripe is I lose all my items when I redo the search but I keep my gold... The map could be a little better in the sense of taping on a location and showing what you found there. Also. I can't find the axe lol, has nothing to do with rating I only have one more spot to check.

Still has the spirit of the books, and the adaption to app actually improves the story. Very replayable.

Keeps getting better

Like the new automap features.


I love this game


A great app....reminds me when I used to spend my days playing fighting fantasy and doing nothing else.

Truly Excellent! Would recommend

Loved the original paperback version of this book and love this even more! Bought a couple of the other fighting fantasy apps series too with no complaints and looking forward to seeing more (hopefully) released. Working well on my (nice n cheap) Tesco hudl

Liked it

Super awesome. Love it.

Self reading please

It has a great book and a great solid app so far but I like to play at work on break and so on so I would love a feature that would allow for the book to be read aloud if this was added a full five stars

Perfect transmission of the book to the screen.

Great childhood memories

Brought back to life thank you


Best gamebook iv ever read, and it is just perfect even down to the little pictures and the old book style pages. Quite hard to complete always retrying but still amazing

Most addicting app I have! Its a great time passer and I highly recommend it to any adventurous person. This app is a total must have! :-) <3

A must to play

I just can't get enough of these Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.I never had a chance to play the original books.But I know the Tinman versions are very entertaining to play.Looking forward to more stories to follow.Great job,keep em coming!


It's amazing

Classic fun!

Takes me back to the paper choose your own adventures!

Old school!

I've still got my ff collection and every now and then pick one out for a little nostalgic high, getting the chance to do it on my phone is wonderful, it's difficulty setting maybe abit hard but then so were the original books! A truly fantastic game, only poor point would be theirs too few ports, please bring midnight rogue, deathtrap dungeon, trial of champions, vault of the vampire, dead of night or the 'sorcery' series out as well. Thank you for keeping Allansia alive!

Top gamebook

This is another excellent gamebook from the Tin Man guys


As fiendish as ever, and just as frustrating and replayble as i remember it. The addition of hardcore mode for people who've played the original like me, is a great addition! As is old school cheating, lol.

Too expensive

This game is fun for maybe an hour or two. After that, it just gets repetetive. Fun but only worth about 99 cents.

Disappointingly overrated

Maybe not as good as as I'd been led to believe. Just my opinion though - a lot of other people out there would disagree.

Love it.

Love this gamebook now as much as I did when I was a kid. One question though, why do we loose all out items (enchanted sword, helm of superior skill, dust of levitation, etc) when we have to re-run through Darkwood Forest again ?

And the point is?

I expected a game BOOK to (1) have a compelling story, and (2) allow intelligent choices. Instead the story lies only within the first couple of pages, followed by trivial decisions whose outcomes are often determined by luck. I like RPGs, but I guess I don't like game books.

This is so cool!!

I loved playing these gamebooks in the 80's and this android version is so much better. Electronic adventure sheet means no more photocopying the page and now I can play anywhere! Thanks so much for releasing this; I will buy the entire series so please release new games regularly.

Sharp 104sh

When I was a kid back in the 80's I loved reading this story, Death trap Dungeon and many others. This remake is fantastic and brings back childhood memories. The story does seem much shorter now though.

Nostalgia overload

Works perfectly on HTC One and is easily customised with font styles and sizes etc. Great thanks to the developer.


Can't really fault it. Still a great adventure 20+ years later. I pray for the rest of the early books and for Sorcery to appear on Android.

Fun, engaging, and well written

It was good 20 years ago and it's still good now. Hope everyone shares their experience with others :-)

Fighting Fantasy nostolgia relived!

Brillant and enjoyable to immerse oneself in a childhood favourite!. Accompanied with great graphics, well done to the developers, an epic Ian Livingstone adventure in any format :-)

I cannot believe it! Thank you!

FF books are such an amazing blast from the past. Thank you so much for bringing them to my phone. I really hope to see all the previous books on here, and maybe it will cause some authors to write newe stories, just for this app! Thanks again, for brightening my day!

Play, die, play die.

it's all the fun of the play/die experience without the graphical interface. apparently it's got a fan base so... at your risk